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James Fisher and Sons plc is a leading provider of marine solutions and specialised engineering services worldwide.

In some of the harshest conditions on Earth, the marine, oil and gas industries need highly technical, highly specialised engineering innovations to get the job done safely. We worked with the team at James Fisher to help showcase their extensive capabilities, position their website as the perfect entrance point to the wider James Fisher Marine portfolio of services, act as a library of aggregated information and ensure a streamlined experience for anyone navigating through the site.


Just as the company works across different sectors, the James Fisher Marine brand works across a complex ecosystem – with separate brands intersecting in separate relationships with each other. Following extensive workshop sessions with the client and taking onboard in-depth consumer research we re-framed the question of what this website should be and what is it's purpose in the wider James Fisher Marine digital eco-system.

We interrogated this ‘family tree’ and reviewed the customer journey's successfully streamlining the information architecture – removing repetitive product detail found on the previous site. Not only did this ensure a better experience for the customer but also made the ongoing task of updating the site much more efficient and effective.


As well as simplifying and rationalising the user journey, our work made life easier for our client’s internal marketing teams – giving them a flexible modular-based system which they could use to easily add new pages in the future.

The project required a completely new design system that was modular in its functionality but elevated the site in terms of clarity and storytelling. Due to the large size of the organisation and the multiple stakeholders involved we had to design an extensive system of interchangeable components that would give the respective marketing teams the flexibility to scale and evolve the site using a library of consistent modules.