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Energy Park

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  • Art direction
  • Brand Identity

Energy Park create highly accessible, scalable smart electric vehicle charger solutions which businesses and institutions with extensive car parking facilities can offer to their end-users.

Energy Park – from Future Green Steps – is aiming to build a presence in the rapidly growing electric vehicle market. Specifically, it will focus on the market segment of electric vehicle (“EV”) charging. Their vision is to be seen as a leading provider of green tech solutions through a managed service model, ultimately being seen as an enabler of sustainable investment for our customers decarbonisation efforts.

The road ahead

As part of our wider design concept, we were keen for the brand’s design language to take clear and instantly recognisable inspiration from iconic (and ubiquitous) travel signage and road markings.

That’s why we developed our own iconographic story – with the Energy Park arrow symbolising the brand’s stated mission to ‘make the world a better place through innovation and sustainability’. The arrow also promises to consistently point each audience in the right direction for progress and advancement – ‘the road ahead’.

Our logo marque also symbolises ‘Movement’, ‘Direction’, ‘Purpose’ and ‘Simplicity’ – taking further design inspiration from the AC sinus waveform and DC signals.